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Octopress ‘Invalid Byte Sequence in UTF-8’ Error With the Rake Generate Command

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This is my first post on this blog. Since it was going to be mostly about my work on Github, I decided to publish it on GitHub and naturally this made me choose Octopress. After installing and deploying octopress successfully, I just wanted to edit _config.yml to set my name for the author and title properties. As my name (Harun Reşit Zafer) has the non-ascii ş in it when I try to run the rake generate command, I got the invalid byte sequence in UTF-8 error.

After some googling I found several pages that all suggest creating some system (or environment on Windows) variables called LANG, LC_ALL and LC_CTYPE and set their value to en_US.UTF-8. However it didn’t help me. Then I also realized that either on Linux or Windows creating such system variables hadn’t helped some other users too.

Then I just opened the _config.yml with Notepad++, changed the encoding to UTF-8 without BOM. As I changed the encoding, the ş character corrupted. I fixed it and saved the file. I got no error when I run the rake generate command this time.

This solution also works for the post files (the ones with .markdown extensions in source/_posts folder). In short, just change the file’s encoding UTF-8 without BOM before inserting any non-ascii characters. There is no need for the environment variables in my case.

I hope my first post helps those having the same issue. Please let me know if this works for you too.